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Calligraphy is the ancient Greek art of beautiful writing. The word calligraphy actually means “beauty” and “writing”. Calligraphy has always been a popular choice in wedding invitations. This is because they are beautiful invitations. Calligraphy wedding invitations make for great keepsakes. If you are considering having calligraphy wedding invitations it is a great idea. Hiring a calligrapher will take some research and investigation but it will all be worth it when you hire the right vendor.

Finding a calligrapher online may be difficult because the market for calligraphers is a slim one. If you are having issues finding a calligrapher, go to your local stationery store. Stationery stores often keep a list of calligraphers in the area. We definitely suggest asking anyone you know that has recently been married, they may have a suggestion.

Before you contact the calligraphers on your list, there are a few things you will need to determine. Determining a color scheme you would like to use is essential. Your wedding colors will work well. You will need to decide upon a script. You can look on the internet for ideas, or you can go to the calligraphers for ideas. You need to determine how many invitations you will need, and if you will have the envelopes addressed. If you will have the envelopes addressed, you should have a list of your guests names and addresses prepared.

Now it is time to call the calligraphers and schedule meetings. When you arrive for your interviews, keep in mind that this is an opportunity to view their work and determine if their level of skill matches your requirements. This also will give you some good ideas for how you would like your wedding invitations to look if you have not yet decided. Ask the calligraphers to create example invitations for you.

After you have met with all of the calligraphers and received all of your example invitations, it is time to make a decision. The final step is to hire the calligrapher to create your wedding invitations. You should hire your calligrapher at least two weeks in advance. When you have your professional in the fold, you can rest easy because this will bring a touch of class to your festivities.

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