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The popularity of photo booths is on the rise! Photo booths have been showing up everywhere from birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, reunions, and many other types of celebrations and events. Hiring a company to provide you with a photo booth rental it is a great idea. Photo booths are a lot of fun for everyone, they capture the silly moments you will forever cherish. Hiring a company to provide your photo booth rental is going to bring a very different feel to your reception.

Start looking for companies in your area that provide photo booths. The simplest way to go about this is to use the internet. Search for photo booth rental in your area. Most search engines offer reviews on businesses. This is a good way for you to determine if a photo booth rental company has a good reputation. Only consider the companies with positive customer feedback. Write down, three to five companies, write down their phone number and web address.

Determine the type of photo booth you want to rent before you begin contacting companies. There are two typical types of photo booth rentals. The most common photo booth is a large machine. You sit inside the machine by yourself or with others. You typically will get to choose a border to go around your photo. You press a button inside of the machine, and the machine will capture three to five photos. The photos will be dispensed on the side of the machine. The other type of photo booth rental is a stand up booth. There will be a curtain set up for you to stand in front of. The company will provide fun props for you to incorporate in your photos. The props are usually things like fun hats, silly glasses, boa feathers and much more. There will be a photo attendant from the company there to capture your photos. Your photos will be developed and returned to you at a later date.

Now that you have determined what type of photo booth you wish to rent you will need to refer back to your list of companies. Go on the companies' web sites and be sure they offer the type of photo booth you wish to rent. The companies who do not offer the type of photo booth you wish to rent can be crossed off of your list. Call the remaining companies and inquire about pricing and availability. If a company exceeds your budget or is not available for the date of your event you can cross them off of your list.

Now that you have narrowed down your list its time for you to decide upon a company. You may want to choose the company who has the best deal, or the best customer reviews. Once you have found a company to work with, as them for a written contract. Having a photo booth at your event is a great idea. A photo booth will be a lot of fun for your guests. Hiring a company to provide your photo booth rental is going to have all of your special guests smiling from ear to ear.

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